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Monday, August 24, 2015


The Outlawz today called for 'burnishing' to be used on a card, and many of the sample cards shown seemed to be using sponging, distressing, sanding ... so I looked up the word 'burnish'.  I understand burnishing to be polishing to make something smooth, and I was correct :

tr.v. bur·nished, bur·nish·ing, bur·nish·es
1. To make smooth or glossy by rubbing; polish.
2. To rub with a tool that serves especially to smooth or polish.

So here then is my card using burnishing :

I cut out the orchid from a downloadable page that I printed, and then burnished each petal using the back of a teaspoon so that it developed a shine, as well as forming  a cupped, real-life shape.  The centre of the orchid has two seed beads sewn directly onto it.

The centre of the card is a Silhouette cut, which was inked with three colours of a rainbow pigment ink pad. 

I sewed on some sequins for a bit of bling.

luv'n huggz
Jen Leeflang

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