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Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011 - ten years on ....

Although I am not from America, the events of 9-11 affected (and continue to affect) me here in South Africa too. Just last week when I needed to take a flight to Johannesburg to teach some cardmaking and image colouring workshops at Hobby-X, I had to go through my hand luggage twice, so make sure that I didn't have anything sharp in there! None of that was necessary pre 9-11.

But that's a minor inconvenience compared to what the people of the US went through and continue to endure today. The broken spirits, the broken people and the broken cities are all slowly mending through the love and support of their countrymen and the world.

Today, ten years on, I pray that the only memories remaining are the ones of love and support of friends and strangers, and an attitude of gratitude for life's lessons learnt from this tragedy : love and appreciate those around you and tell them whenever you can, don't harbour grudges and hatred, settle your disagreements, etc., etc., because tomorrow may just be too late.

And in the spirit of this, Bugaboo stamps has a special release digistamp today, and I made a card :

I used a picture of the skyline that had the Twin Towers in it, and over where the towers were, I placed the digi.

To me, the hand represents all those of us who support you, America, and you are represented by your flag, to let you know that we will never forget what you went through, and the Twin Towers in the image represent your pain and loss.

God bless you all.

luv n huggz
Durban, South Africa


  1. Wow Jen, your card is awesome but you post is so much more thanks so much.

  2. This is an amazing card! Beautiful!

  3. Unbelievable card Jen - wow! You did such a fab job on both the card and the write-up...so heartfelt - I can tell you are such a good person by reading this....Hugz, Cole


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