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Saturday, June 8, 2013

what is YOUR opinion?

As a DT member your 'job' is to advertise for the artist/challenge blog and to showcase the sponsored images that you receive in 'payment' - that's how I understand it.

The best way to do this is to make a card to the best of your ability, and post it on your blog.  However, the only way that the blogging world will see it is if they have subscribed to your blog, or if they are a googler and happen to be a 'stumbled-uponner'.

Another way is to link your card to challenges where it meets the criteria, and the more links the more exposure - right?

Now here is my question/dilemma :

How are you perceived if each of your cards are linked to the maximum number of challenges possible?
Are you seen as greedy - just out for the prizes?
Are you seen as diligent - attempting to gain the maximum exposure for the artist/challenge whose DT you're on?

There has been some discussion (in a group that I'm on)  about this subject, following a discussion about the number of challenge blogs that are closing (no one mentioned that the new ones starting up are more than the old ones closing down) and the huge number of challenges that are "Anything Goes".

I got the feeling at the end of the discussion that one should NOT make your card and then see which challenges you can enter, but rather the other way around :  you should select your challenge, and then make a card according to the criteria of that specific challenge.

If you are a DT member and wish to 'do your job' - are you expected to make a separate card for each outside challenge?


Let it be known that I live in South Africa - very far away from the cities where most of the owners/sponsors of challenges are situated.  Postage costs a lot and I know that this is the reason why we South Africans hardly every win tangible products as prizes, blog candies, or DT spots where actual products (such as embellishments, markers, paper packs, etc) need to be showcased.

I enter a multitude of challenges because I am showcasing the sponsored products or challenge.

This is how I feel and I needed to 'vent' this so that those who don't 'get' me perhaps will understand me a little better.

and maybe,  just maybe - my mood will lift enough for my mojo to return!


  1. Hi there, had a read about your dilemma, and I can certainly see where you are coming from. I am not a DT, so not familiar with the rules, but hopefully others that share your feelings might give you some solutions.
    What I wish would happen is that cards were judged on artistic criteria and not chosen by the ramdom machine. I feel that is the way to learn. Hope you get some answers, Kate x

  2. Hallo Jen
    I do share your sentiment on choosing the challenges and making your card accordingly. Though I have to admit that I did made some cards the other way round too, but they are in the minority.
    Personally, I think you connect with some challenge and with some you don't, depending on your style, so they do become your favorites. Although we tend to challenge ourselves to learn new techniques through different challenges.
    The question of publicity for the artist, I think everybody wants maximum exposure. So, you really sit with a tammeletjie.
    Maybe we need a share button, like on FB, to give more exposure to artist.
    Hope you will see some light at the end of this tunnel and that your mojo will return in full blast.
    Missed you at the Outlawz, lately.
    Have a great day and thank you for your inspiration.

  3. I'm not a DT, I've never applied for a DT spot and I have no idea if I would have had a chance of being selected as one either, but I think with the DT spots comes obligations and expectations, and if I ever apply I want to be sure that I can meet those - I don't like breaking promises or doing a half-hearted job. I think it's admirable that some people are willing to be drivers in this area and to arrange challenges and give so much time and energy to inspire all those people out there who wants to take part of the fun. I'm entering a lot of different challenges, and I'm trying to be respectable of the limits stated and the themes. In my point of view I'm doing this to have fun, get an escape from work and "real life", to get inspiration and, hopefully, to inspire others as well. I love giving people encouraging comments, and I admit, to read the feedback people give me. In my opinion, if a challenge blog allows you to enter 10 challenges in total, I can't see the wrong in entering that amount of challenges. Some blogs allow 4 or 5, and that's fine too, and with that they increase their chances of having cards made especially for them. But if you say 10 or more that means that some challenges have inspired you somewhat more than others, I believe. I always try and pick the challenges I enter with care, and my card always has picked some inspiration from the theme of that challenge - e.g. a sketch, colors, image and embellishments.
    I'd also like to add: I have never become a follower just to be able to win a candy, but I do enter if I find the work inspiring. I would never unsubscribe after the draw - I think that would make many people unhappy - I know it would make me...
    To sum it up - I don't mind rules. If I don't like them, I don't have to enter. But if the rule is max 10, I think one should be able to enter 10 without worrying about how one would be perceived. But my best advise - do what YOU feel is right - if YOU want to enter 30 challenges with the same card, AND the challenges allow you to do so - why not?

  4. Hi, I was just browsing your site and came across your post and just had to stop and read it ....

    I run Fitztown challenge blog - thats why I am here as you have applied for a DT post - so I'm just browsing the sites.

    What you have wrote - wow I dont blame you for feeling confused - for me the perfect DT member would post cards on as many challenges as they can - like you say its exposure

    but then as the blog owner you see a lot of repeat posters and a lot that combine. You never know a persons circumstances when they enter - times are hard for a lot of people - making cards costs money - so why not try and win a few images!! but then, like you say, you can be seen as greedy

    so sorry I cant help you on that one - all I can say is have fun and make cards and enter whatever you can and dont worry what other people think

    Because whatever you do you will please some people and you wont please the rest - so just please yourself :-)

    Anyway - take care - i'm off to have a look at your cards now Zoe x


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