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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Our oldest son Nicholas (21) accomanpanied his girlfriend, Storm, to her Matric Ball(that's 12th and final year for my international friends)on Friday Evening. The theme was a Masked Ball, and this is a photograph of them just as they were leaving home to go.
I decorated their masks using glitter, sequins, rhinestones and peacock feathers.

Storm wore a beautiful taffeta ball gown in a midnight blue shade, with velvet stiletto sandals and a pretty little lace wrap. Her naturally thick long hair was curled and half pinned up with the most beautiful adornment. Her make-up was flawless, thanks to a dear friend, Sharon, who made Storm look like a princess.

My precious son, Nicholas, went out and bought himself a black evening suit, crisp white shirt and a black satin bow tie.

When he got dressed at home, and showed me what he looked like, I choked up, tears came to my eyes and I suddenly wondered where those 21 years since his birth had gone! He looked so grown up, so smart, and as his two younger brothers remarked "You look like James Bond, now you need a gun." And they were right - He's never looked like this before, my son, that hyperactive flea that never slept through the night until he was two years old, who was lactose intolerant, tactile defensive, and prone to an asthma attack as soon as he developed a cough! And now here he is, all grown up, a good looking young man, with a head of naturally blond hair that anybody would envy!

Excuse my ramblings, and me going on about Nic, but any mum would understand why ...


  1. Oh Jen, yes what a lovely couple and know just how you feel. I have 4 of them (sons) all grown up, but those are special moments for any Mum

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  3. you are allowed to go on and on!!! what a handsome young man he has grown into - and Storm looks stunning! congrats J!

  4. How wonderful!! he looks so handsome! and she's a beautiful girl. :) TFS!!

  5. This is so sweet Jen! Thanks for sharing this proud moment with us! They are so young and gorgeous....and making beautiful memories. They just grow up in a blink of an eye! It truly is bitter-sweet.

  6. Jen, you are a proud Mum and I can see why. What lovely pictures and what a nice looking man Nicholas is...


  7. You have every right to be proud, they both look stunning!!!
    I think we all ask that Q...Where has the years gone to???
    Lotsa luv

  8. They make a gorgeous couple. She looks beautiful, he looks so handsome and proud. You should be proud!
    Love Mel

  9. They look great together! =)
    Hope they had a great ball!
    Hugs, Elenor


  10. These moment are so few and you do have every right to share and treasure them always. Nic looks very handsome and proud to be escorting Storm. Thanks so much for sharing these precious photos. *Hugs*


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